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just dessert
charcoal & pencil
11" x 14"
14" x 11"

nathalia edenmont is a swedish woman that buys live chickens, mice or adopts cats and rabbits from shelters, then decapitates them, props their heads on vases, fingers, bottles, etc and takes a picture “within less than ten minutes of their death” to capture the fading glint in their eyes. She calls the resulting image her "art". these images, although shocking, have no other merit. edged on by the curator of the wetterling gallery in sweden who would like her to move up to working with dogs, she continues to “create” despite public protest, stating that her images are a form of animal rights activism that generates discussion.

[some people DO need a hole in their head]
"A dab of Vaseline on a dead wench's eye will give it that gleam! Of a life passed by"
~Pete Zip
she was 14 when her mother was killed
a fact she likes to exploit
though excuse it is not
for the harm she has wrought
it is a good distraction
although the mice may expect it
poor rabbit knew not
nor did the sweet hare
not yet his 9th life
fate the cat would spare
and with a quick blow
anvil to head - skull has a hole
the cat dug through her gray matter
with deft little claw
caught her eyeball
with vitreous humor
the hens he would flatter