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oil on canvas board
14" x 10"
14" x 11"

modern day factory farms give no thought to the behavioral or physical needs of these friendly and inquisitive birds. they implement inhumane confinement, breeding and slaughter techniques that cause horrific suffering and pain all in an effort to produce an unnecessarily vast amount of meat and eggs to feed an already overweight, cholesterol and heart disease plagued human population. invisible to humanity's sympathy, these birds have earned the title of most suffering species.

"It is a sad fact that the boys, 50% of the chicks hatched by hatcheries and commercial egg breeding facilities as biology would have it, are killed as soon as their sex is determined at a day or two day old. The unwanted males and deformed females are suffocated in the garbage, bulldozed or ground up alive in wood chippers for fertilizer or feed. Only hens are wanted for their eggs. So by simple mathmatics, the suffering of untold billions is doubled when you tally up the ones who never saw the light of day. "
~ Mary Britton Clouse, founder of Chicken Run Rescue
"After being dragged through the electrified water bath, the birds have their necks partially cut by a machine blade and/or a manual neck cutter. They then hang upside down for 90- seconds in a bleedout tunnel while still alive, with an unspecified number of birds reportedly asphyxiating in pools of floor blood if the conveyer belt dips too close to the bleedout floor. They are then dropped into tanks of scalding water."
"They (spent laying hens) are not even worth enough money to go through the normal process of slaughtering and packing. The simplest method of disposal is to pack the birds, alive, into containers, and bulldoze them into the ground"
~ Tom Hughes, Canadian Farm Animal Care Trust president
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