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charcoal and pencil
11" x 9"
14" x 11"

Wildlife Rehabilitation involves caring for wild animals that are injured, orphaned or sickened due to human activities, for the purpose of releasing them back to the wild with all the faculties they need to enable them to survive independently. Permanently handicapped animals are usually humanely euthanized; some are placed at zoos, nature centers, or other educational facilities.

all wildlife rehabilitation requires a state permit. to rehabilitate migratory birds, a federal permit is also needed. one of the requirements to obtain and maintain an annual wildlife rehabilitation permit is to attend a yearly quota of classes, lectures or conferences in the field or wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, biology, ecology, natural history, etc.
this sketch was made as the logo for the 2007 midwest regional conference on wildlife rehabilitation, "fostering our future" hosted by the minnesota wildlife assistance cooperative.
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